HoneywellRing Laser Gyro Inertial navigation

Honeywell Digital Ring Laser Gyro

Easy-to-use, compact unit utilizes Honeywell's half-century experience in inertial sensors

Ring laser gyros (RLG) are the industry standard for precision rotation measurement. RLGs are critical sensing elements in navigation systems for manned and unmanned aircraft, platform stabilization systems, pointing and targeting, marine navigation and attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS). RLGs offer the advantage of precision rotation measurement at a low cost; no moving parts which improve significantly long term reliability; and a very compact form factor.

The basic principle of operation of an RLG is that counter-propagating laser beams have different frequencies with the difference dependent on rotation rate. Measurement of this difference provides that rotation rate about the RLG’s sensitive axis. One can thus determine the orientation of a system in inertial space at all times.

The Honeywell GG1320AN digital ring laser gyro is an affordable inertial sensor with the electronics and ring laser gyro packaged into an easy to use compact unit. With its digital I/O the gyro can be integrated into almost any system and used in a variety of commercial, industrial and military applications around the globe. The user only needs to supply an input voltage to receive a digital output signal dependent on rotation.

Each GG1320AN gyro benefits from advanced technology that Honeywell has developed and utilized over the last 40 years. The result is a reliable sensor for all types of inertial sensing.

Key Benefits

  • A digital-output rotation sensor
  • Affordable and precise sensing technology
  • Easy-to-use compact unit with no additional electronics needed.

Performance Highlights

  • Start-up time 1 second typical.
  • Bias Stability less than 0.04°/hour.
  • Angular Random Walk less than 0.04°/root-hour.
  • Scale factor linearity of 5ppm of full scale.
  • Temperature range in an operating mode is -65°F to +185°F (-54°C to 85 °C) with an operating altitude of up to +70,000ft. (21 km).

Gyros exported from the United States must be done in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).  Illegal export is prohibited.